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Professional services at highly competitive prices


Most landlords with buy to lets are finding margins squeezed by the increasing interest rates and (for recent investors) higher property purchase prices. As a consequence it is natural to look for ways to cut costs by seeking lower cost property management and in some cases even doing much of the work yourself, e.g. tenant screening and selection. So how can LetsManage help?

LetsManage provides details of local lettings agents that do not have the overheads of high street shops, cutting out these costs means lower cost lettings management. Our services range from finding a tenant through to full property management.

Professional property management can be expensive, but it does not need to be. Many agents offer a great service but LetsManage.co.uk aims to be different. Not only do we offer highly competitive pricing but local agents listed on LetsManage offer a range of property management services to meet your individual needs.

For example, you may want to manage the search for a tenant using free website services and only require management of you property; you may just want someone to find a tenant for you; or you may require the full property management service. This is where LetsManage can help as we provide a range of services to meet your needs thus helping to minimise the costs for managing your property to let.

Services provided include:

  1. Providing a rental valuation and any other information which you may require about letting your property.
  2. Providing information on compliance with the various safety regulations.
  3. Finding suitable tenants through existing customer contacts and adverting in the press and internet.
  4. Accompanying tenant applicants to view your property to let.
  5. Obtaining and evaluating tenant credit checks and references.
  6. Preparing a tenancy agreement.
  7. Collecting and holding a deposit (bond) from the tenant.
  8. Preparing an inventory and schedule of condition.
  9. Checking the tenant into the property and agreeing the inventory.
  10. Supervising the transfer of gas, electricity and council tax accounts into the tenant's name.
  11. Receiving rental payments monthly in advance, paying you promptly via BACS, and providing monthly statements.
  12. Inspecting the property periodically, and reporting any problems to you.
  13. Arranging any necessary repairs or maintenance, and agreeing with you first for any non-emergency maintenance repairs.
  14. Serving notice at the end of a tenancy term.
  15. Inspecting the property at the end of the tenancy to determine any dilapidations for remedy by the tenant.
  16. Proactive re-letting of the property at the end of the tenancy so as to minimise rental voids.
  17. Rental guarantees


LetsManage.co.uk prices are extremely competitive. Fees for the full management services, including tenant search, are typically around 8% of annual rent depending on geographic location.


Professional property management at highly competitive prices - For more information click on Find Local Services to see if there is a LetsManage service near you.

About credit checks for tenants

For more information about tenant screening services visit www.credit-check-services.co.uk, a company that provides a range of report options for landlords to check tenants before letting a property. Tenant credit reports include details on county court judgments (CCJs), bankruptcy, electoral register and overall risk ratings.